Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Editing Is Over

I bought iHome Portable Speakers at the Carlsbad, CA Apple Store.
The first time I took them out mi amigo Max asked if I "was holding the future".
Fifty buxx.

I'm telling you: this pair of speakers are magnetic.
The size of two limes, they stay together but also bounce out.
For better depth.

A simple press-and-twist maneuver pops a spring,
releasing the top to create space for bass.
And they bump.

Like I said, the bottoms click and clasp for compact storage or
hand-held portability, plus long-lasting lithium ion batteries
which charge through a USB to the computer.

So here's the point: my iPod plus these speakers equals
me being a super-mobile potential-dance-party at-all-times.
This excites no one else?

Plus I think I can use it in class, so kids can learn
a new language through music, and or video if appropriate.
Use it to trick them into comprehension.

Fools. Oops oh no. I'm nice. Right. So,
here I am in Mexico, high on a balcony for the first time.
Took more than five days to find it, though

it was above my head the whole time but I was too timid
to even wander up those mysterious stairs behind the communal kitchen
just to see.

I like it here. I have fast internet access and a hammock,
except for now I choose plastic table and chair.
Still slouching.

Shouldn't I be writing in Spanish?
That would take too long.
How else will I learn?

I only know the present tense.
Is that in no way profound? I speak like a child,
except with less vocabulary.

But I'm learning, even starting to dream en espa├▒ol.
I have my little phrases, becoming more and more rehearsed.
Te amo. Lo siento. Perdonáme por favor. Muchas gracias.

Who else just learned about Ho'oponopono?
I did. I like it. Hawaiian-style healing. Look:

Cool, well, great. Hope everyone out there is feeling fine tonight...
Boy I tell ya what, that Brett Favre sure is sorta talented, isn't he?
I suppose I always knew, but now I know that I never knew until now.

My one wonder, is why we resigned Childress so quickly.
He has not done anything yet. We've had half of one good season.
Now the guy who was about to get sacked is worth what, 5 more years? Really?

Anyway, we won. We're 9-1 for the first time since 1998
(knock on wood with your fingers crossed) and are only getting better.
AP's mere presence disrupts the entire defense. And Percy Harvin, woo.

The Seahawks had negative rushing yards at the half today, an ended up with 4 total.
We controlled the ball for 42:11 of the game and did not turn the ball over.
That's the recipe for victory if I've ever seen it.

Okay I'm done for now. Not a good sign if even I'm getting bored.
Think iHome will pay me for writing nice things about their product?
Mom, will you refresh this page about 500 times for me so I have a lot of traffic?


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