Saturday, March 20, 2010

Quick One

Today is my birthday. Tengo 24 años. We are in Bariloche, Argentina. We are going to go go-karting and, seeing how the sun has been up for hours now, start drinking (but not necessarily in that order). Our next move is to the idyllic little hippie town of El Bolson, about 130 kms South of here. Then there is a volcano demanding that we conquer it in Pucon, Chile. Then we skip to Santiago (hopefully the roads are okay after los grandes terremotos) for a few days of couch surfing with the dozen or so Chileños we met in Bolivia and told us to come visit. Then Mendoza. Then back to BA. Then a few days seeing what life is like in Montevideo, Uruguay, from where I have a one-way ticket to Bogota. Life is hard...

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