Friday, May 7, 2010


sound is an essential constituent of existence, part of the experiential spectrum of vibratory patterns which are the means of manifestation for light, color and (sacred) geometry.
as such, language is a conscious manipulation of the primal force of sound, imbued with meanings which are at times arbitrary, at times inherent to that which is being named. the study of sanskrit provides a nice counterpoint to English's tendency toward exactitude. whereas English attempts to eliminate ambiguity with its abundance of specific verbs and concrete nouns, sanskrit expands, each syllable suggesting 8 or more inerpenetrating concepts. 'gau' refers to both 'cow' and an incarnation of the divine mother etc etc. in any case, language is always both arbitrary and inherent: a set of agreed upon meanings which point toward and encircle that reality which is invisible and indivisible, all-pervasive and unnameable.
"in the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was God, and the Word was good."

the power of naming is widely recognized as an act of ownership, dominance, or, to use a more benevolent term, stewardship. this power to name our ideas and sensations is a unique gift bestowed to humans on this planet. sound-forms have the ability to shape reality. some words have a life of their own, they pulse and throb with multi-dimensional power. there is of course, a barrier between ultimate reality and anything language can convey, but this barrier exists in a kind of magnetic balance, repellent forces holding each other in balance, in part defining each other by virtue of resistance, creating an invisible border along which tension is highest and therefore most captivating. "only trouble is interesting." the tension between opposites is the source of physical existence, as evidenced by the paradoxical dualities which pervade our (my) experience.

John Moran: "all writing is pigshit"

Me: "Granted."

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