Friday, January 22, 2010

Bless the Executioners

Bless the executioners. Without them we would not be awakening at this rapid pace.
they have done nothing but play a role we collectively requested of them. they are the real-world manifestations of our personal shadows put together, that part of ourselves that many (most) repress and prefer not to acknowledge as part of them. the fact that more and more people are becoming aware of their presence is amazing! it portends of a purging of that darkness which is no longer necessary.

their plans will not come to pass. they are already behind schedule. these elites painted themselves into a corner with the derivatives market. they no longer create anything of value. they will soon (very soon) be forced to release the free-energy technology they've kept suppressed so long in order to survive financially. the current collapse of the financial system represents a complete neutering of their influence. just wait until the dollar falls apart completely and the Fed is dismantled! this is already in process! does this not thrill you?

these 'evil' men (and women!) and their diabolical deeds are but catalysts for our growth. thank them. they provide us the opportunity to take responsibility, to make a different choice, to finally stand up and embody our full human potential which has lain latent until this prescribed time. it seems this world will continue to polarize until it has no choice but to SNAP back together, creating unity once more.

indeed, the Law of One material states that, in general, the greatest opportunity for the piercing of the veil exists between to polarized entities.

does anyone else see how exciting this is? would you want to be alive at any other time? after incalculable births, we have earned this opportunity to combine all our lessons, take strength straight from Source, see all others as sisters and brothers and be reborn as our true selves. i can barely contain myself as it is!

be patient, keep hope. these are meant to be frightening times. the birthing process is often traumatic but it need not be cataclysmic. we do not need to experience 'purification by fire' as its called -- unless we decide we deserve it! so embrace your shame and hatred, show it the love it's been chasing all these years. with open arms, turn and face the evil force who pursues you in your dreams. apply the law of forgiveness and release this dark and heavy energy so it may be recycled in Light and reintegrated into existence at a higher vibration!

awareness of these secret societies and their plans and supposed 'power' is a positive, for they are like vampires: they feed on our fear and can only operate in the dark of night, shriveling at the first Light of day (isn't funny how we are all of a sudden obsessed w vampires as a society). but please discern between healthy fear, which acts as motivation, and the Fear that provides you further excuse to project your personal shadow onto others for a little while longer.

the beauty of this existence, as proven by quantum mechanics, is that the world quite literally becomes what we expect it to be. so please join me in expecting Eden.

om shanti.
love and light.

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