Friday, January 22, 2010

In Response


Mr Wilcock is definitely an influence, but I like to think I draw more of my understanding from the Law of One material. Wilcock also draws prominently on this material, and I find that it just resonates so strongly in me that i cannot ignore it.

paradoxically, this influence has inspired me to try and shed as much exterior influence as possible, to learn to trust my own experience and intuition. there is no such thing as good information or bad information, just info that is more or less useful to you at that time. so i love to listen to Jordan Maxwell and David Wilcock and Esoteric Agenda and all these things, but I try not to invest them with undue authority. it's hard, and i'm obviously not perfect at it, but it's a process of recognizing the full force of my personal power and investing that into the free will which is my and your birthright.

in my day to day experience, the Law of Attraction is unquestionably the way things work, and upon reflection, i find myself undeniably guided along a path, so that seemingly random events led me to be at this one place at that one time that led to this and that and woah, man... it amazes me daily. in short, the world continues to unfold before me with abundances of joy and opportunity. and i am not alone in this. every little choice i've made in the past has led me to NOW, and considering how blessed i feel in this moment (and in many moments. funny: the more often i check in, the more often i find that feeling), it seems to suggest that i'm doing something right.

so i suppose i agree with you, that 50/50 odds for humanity are probably about right at this juncture. but the most effective strategy i've come across for increasing those odds as much as possible, is to stay focused on the positive, and work towards bringing my own being into balance, because that has quantum effects on the consciousness field and hopefully makes it just that much easier for someone else to feel a spark until it reaches a tipping point and then...

...i don't know what happens then. but i have unshakable faith that we have all been blessed celestially, and that we will be shown the path that provides the lessons we require. i just hope not to have to repeat the third grade again, ya know?

i will google The Secret Covenant and get back to you. thank you for being a tireless provocateur, providing a forum for me to spout off my improvised personal philosophy as it arises off the top of my head here.

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